IB Programme
Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Presentations at the British School of Sofia
27 Jun 2024
The PYP Exhibition and Final Portfolio Presentations
12 Jun 2024
Showcasing Excellence: Our students present their CAS projects
29 May 2024
An Insightful Presentation on the IB Diploma Programme at the British School of Sofia
20 May 2024
British School of Sofia Welcomes Successful Completion of IB PYP Consultation Visit
16 May 2024
Showcasing Excellence: British School of Sofia's Participation in the Leader Academy Exhibition
29 Apr 2024
Kindergarten Students Impress with Summative Assessment Showcase
03 Apr 2024
Exploring the Echoes of China: An Academic Journey in Grade 4
28 Mar 2024
Grade 5 PYP Summative Assessment Showcase
28 Mar 2024
Embarking on a Cosmic Voyage: Nurturing Curiosity and Understanding Through the PYP "Where We Are in Place and Time" Transdisciplinary Theme
27 Mar 2024
Climate Chronicles - PYP grade 2
26 Mar 2024
Grade 1 Students Shine in PYP Summative Assessment
25 Mar 2024
Exploring the Cosmos and Sciences: Grade 2’s Stellar PYP Summative Assessment at BSS
05 Feb 2024
IB PYP Summative Assessment: How the World Works - Grade 1
02 Feb 2024
Unveiling the World of Chemistry: The British School of Sofia's Approach to IB Chemistry Education
23 Jan 2024
The Physics of Floating: BSS Sixth Graders Science Showcase during the PYP Summative Assessment
27 Dec 2023
The Fifth Graders' Charming PYP Summative Assessment Presentations
26 Dec 2023
Fourth Graders at BSS Embrace Art and Inquiry in PYP Summative Assessment
25 Dec 2023
Third Grade Innovators: BSS's PYP Summative Assessment Celebrates Scientific Inquiry
24 Dec 2023
Second Grade Success: BSS Celebrates PYP Summative Assessment with a Twist of Innovation
23 Dec 2023
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