Ski Week

Ski Week

Ski week is an extension of the Physical Education programme. It aims to develop the children’s health and ability in sport. Students who do not attend the Ski Week should present a certificate for a physical activity throughout this week.

Ski Week is usually organised in the beginning of February and lasts one week (5 working days).

Students attending the Ski Week should have the following equipment:

✓ Ski clothes – trousers and jacket (labeled with the name of your child and your contact details in case of emergency)

✓ Warm shirt or thermal base layer (please provide a spare change of base layer and also spare pair of socks)

✓ Ski Goggles, Gloves, and Hat / Helmet

✓ For those attending, they will have the use of rental equipment which will be provided the first day of the week. (Ski, Boots, Poles). Of course, you may bring your own.

✓ Helmets are advisable but will need to be independently organized.

✓ Full day medical service is provided by the Bulgarian Rescue Service 

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