BSS Community

What is one of the main things that make each school unique?

For us, it is the BSS community. This is the heart and soul of a school and we are very proud of our diverse international and local community.

Who makes up our community?

BSS has welcomed international families from over 45 countries into our school and at the moment, these families make up over 65% of our school community. Local families add to the other 35% of BSS. We believe this makes for a truly international and intercultural community.

Our teachers add to this culturally rich community, as many have either taught in or have experienced the international environment. We also have British teachers who have joined us to gain international experience and complete their training with us. For our pupils, we have had the opportunity to offer official exams in nine international languages so far and had student exchanges in the past.


How do we expand our community?

Community is not only about what happens in a school, it is about connections made outside as well.

Our parents are one of the ways to connect our school community with the greater community. We have strong, committed and involved Lead Class Parents who work as a bridge between the class teacher and the parent community of our school.

The local community is a key part of what makes a school stand out. We believe it is important for work in partnership, as this benefits the pupils. We have strong connections with charitable foundations in Sofia and with Chef Manchev, who provides our school meals.

We believe that as a school, it is beneficial to belong to an international community of schools. Through this, we keep up to date with current educational thought. As members of BSO (British Schools Overseas), we know that our expectations and standards meet and exceed those set for us in this international community. We are also part of the COBIS community of worldwide schools. Through connections such as these, we believe that we offer an environment that is not only school-based but involves everyone to create a fuller learning experience for our pupils.

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