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Deniz Kardzha is 2nd in the World in Hippo 2019

13 May 2019
Deniz Kardzha from Grade 11 took 2nd place in the 7th International English Language Olympiad Hippo – English Without Borders.

With overall result of 114 points Deniz Kardzha from Grade 11 took the 2nd place in category Hippo S2. Here are the results in the different categories – writing 51, listening 21, reading 21 and speaking 21. S2 is the highest level - Special Hippo, and students are divided into 2 categories depending on their age (S1 and S2).

Congratulations to Deniz and Mrs. Mariya Bencheva, teacher in English Language and Literature, who organized the competition at BSS for the first time and helped all the participants and especially semifinalists and our finalist.

Winner of the category Hippo S2 is Mongolian Amour Bayar from Orchlon International School - Ulaanbaatar. Only 6 points were not enough our very own Deniz to be on the first place.

The finals took place in Venice on May 11th and 12th. The first day students from all over the world joined together to get to know each other. The competition itself took part on 12th of May, Sunday.

Deniz will receive internationally recognised certificate and was now rewarded with a KIndle, a dicitionary and received a medal.

35 000 candidates from more than 30 countries all over the world competed in Hippo 2019. There were 163 finalists overall. This year saw us compete for the first time in Hippo - "English Without Borders" competition. Hippo "English Without Borders" is an international competition which promotes English language and challenges students all around the globe.

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