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Spotlight on Excellence: Shining Stars Excel at Performer Cup

22 Apr 2024

The British School of Sofia's vocal group, the "Shining Stars," recently graced the stage of the Performer Cup, a unique championship dedicated to celebrating the blend of performing arts and athleticism. Organised by the International Federation of Scenic-Sporting Arts Performers (F.I.P.A.S.S.), the event provided a platform for artists from around the globe to showcase their skills and creativity in a competitive setting.

At the competition, the "Shining Stars" delivered performances that resonated with both the judges and the audience, earning them two prestigious awards. Their dynamic and emotive presentation not only highlighted their vocal prowess but also their ability to engage and captivate through performance. As a result of their outstanding display, they were invited to participate in the "Arlekin" international festival, a celebrated event that will take place in Varna this July. Additionally, their success at the Performer Cup has opened the doors to the WorldCup in Rome, Italy, scheduled for this September, where they will compete against some of the best in the world.

The accolades received by the "Shining Stars" are a testament to their hard work. The school continues to foster an environment where artistic and personal growth can flourish, evidenced by the international opportunities that its students are increasingly receiving.

As the "Shining Stars" prepare for their upcoming performances on the international stage, the excitement within the school community is palpable. These opportunities not only serve as a platform for showcasing their talent but also as an avenue for cultural exchange and personal development. The British School of Sofia remains committed to supporting its students in achieving their fullest potential, eagerly anticipating further successes and inspiring performances that will continue to make their community proud.

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