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Jana Toteva - BSS Tennis star

18 Jun 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Jana Toteva from Grade 2 recently participated in the Regional Championships for boys and girls up to 8 years, known as the "Southwest Region" under the program "TENNIS-Sport for ALL."

Jana's performance in the tournament was outstanding. In the first round, she demonstrated her exceptional skills and determination by winning both of her matches, securing her place in the finals.

It is important to note that this championship is part of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation's official calendar and is considered a round of the State Championship. Jana's commendable ranking in this tournament will grant her the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Masters series tournament, specifically designed for children her age, which will take place in the fall.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Jana on her remarkable success and wish her continued growth and triumphs as she pursues her passion for tennis. Her dedication and talent serve as an inspiration to all aspiring athletes. May she continue to reach new heights in her sporting journey!

Photo credit: Rumyana Toteva

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