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Grade 12 Students Showcased Remarkable CAS Projects

31 May 2023

Grade 12 students at the British School of Sofia recently presented their impressive CAS projects, demonstrating their efforts, creativity, and dedication. CAS, which stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service, is an essential element of the Diploma Programme (DP) that every student must complete.

World Scholar's Cup + Debate Club Participants (Ivan, Angiras, Bartek, David, and Adam) showcased their intellectual prowess and critical thinking skills. They have been actively engaged in these prestigious competitions.

The students organized a Halloween event, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for the school community. A New Year and Christmas Celebration for younger children was organized, spreading joy and festive cheer during the holiday season.

The establishment of a Ukrainian School reflects the students' commitment to diversity and cultural appreciation, promoting the language and traditions of Ukraine within the school community.

Anastasiia and Falia's Yearbook Project captured the precious moments and memories of their fellow students' final year at the British School of Sofia.

Valik and Bartek created an English support website to assist IBDP students in their language studies.

Ivan and David took the initiative to teach and mentor fellow students in the Debate Club, nurturing their public speaking and argumentation skills.

Angiras created "The BSS Podcast" to educate the BSS community on various topics, ranging from education to current affairs.

Students delivered captivating presentations on various topics related to Computer Science, showcasing their technical expertise.

In addition, Niki, Dilara, and Adam organized a charity project collecting sanitary items for the homeless.

We look forward to the new projects of the future twelfth graders!

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