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Brothers' brilliance shines: BSS stars lead the way in Sofia's private school football tournament

04 May 2023

In a recent thrilling tournament among private schools in Sofia, the football team of the British School in Sofia achieved something truly remarkable. Filled with passion, skill, and unwavering teamwork, our students surpassed all expectations, securing a historic third-place finish and bringing home medals for the very first time in BSS history.

Guided by the dedicated physical education teacher, Kristian Pilov, BSS proudly entered the championship with two teams, each representing different age categories: 3-4th grade and 5-7th grade. Leading the charge as the captain and goalkeeper was Christian Yanev, whose father, Hristo Yanev, has a prestigious background as a former national team member and current football coach.

While the younger footballers faced a tough break with two draws that prevented them from advancing, it was the BSS team in the older age category that truly shone. Demonstrating exceptional skills and an unbreakable team spirit, they fought their way to an impressive third-place finish out of 16 competing teams in their group.

The progress our BSS students displayed throughout the tournament was nothing short of remarkable. They conquered formidable opponents who had previously defeated them in transitional championships, proving their growth, determination, and resilience.

However, it was the incredible performances of two brothers, Karim and Bilal, known as Bibo, that truly stole the show. These exceptional players became a constant source of inspiration for their teammates. It's worth noting that Karim, even though he served as a mascot for the higher age group alongside his brother, made a memorable impact by scoring a winning goal that propelled the team to the next stage of the tournament.

The sheer exhilaration of securing five victories over two days evoked indescribable emotions among our players. This unprecedented triumph stands as a monumental milestone for BSS, marking our first major success in a football championship. It fuels our belief that this is only the beginning, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the future achievements of our talented football players.

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