Our Achievements

Yet another student of our own has made us proud!

10 May 2023
Mara Mazilu, Grade 9, won 1st place in the BEST foundation national tournament, category Original Oratory.
BEST Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization that organizes public speaking competitions in English and provides student leadership opportunities through its Student Leader Program.
BEST Foundation organizes 4 regional, 1 national and 1 international tournament each year with the aim of providing Bulgarian students a platform to express themselves and compete in public speaking. Students compete in 5 different categories at our events - Prose Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Original Oratory, and World Schools Style Debate - across multiple rounds where they are ranked by trained judges and receive written feedback based on their performances.
Based on their ranks from the preliminary rounds, only a fraction of the students break to the semifinal and final round.
Join us in congratulating Mara Mazilu and celebrating her outstanding accomplishment!
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