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Students from British School of Sofia are in Top 20 in mathematics

20 Mar 2023

"Fantastic result" was the assessment of the Bulgarian participation in the world mathematics competition for students from British Schools Overseas (accredited by COBIS - the Council of British International Schools). Sixth-graders from the British School of Sofia (BSS) participated for the first time in the Small Primary category of the CENTURE+COBIS Maths All Stars Cup. They achieved an impressive second place in the world in this category, competing against more than 160 British schools from 61 countries!

Sixteen boys and girls from grades 6A and 6B at BSS embarked on a 10-day challenge. In a special digital platform managed by an artificial intelligence, they solved problems from various areas of mathematics, including material studied in grades 1 to 6. The BSS students ranked first in the first stage of the competition, remained second in the world after the end of the second round. They competed with 24,000 of the best young mathematicians from around the world in the Small Primary category and ranked second, winning for the first time the prize in the first round of the competition, twice taking second place, where they remained until the very end.

An interesting fact is that the ranking depends not only on the individual performance but also on the high achievement of the entire team in this difficult mathematics marathon.

The impressive result was achieved by 10-11 year-old students from the British School of Sofia after almost spontaneous participation in the world competition, which is prestigious and respected in the international British educational system. The initiative to participate was of their mathematics teacher Tsvetan Kachamachkov, who is very proud of his students.

Within 10 days, the participants in the team of the British School of Sofia answered nearly 44,200 questions correctly. On average, this means 2,765 correct answers per student or over 200 correct solutions per day per child!

The impressive marathon ends with Lea Sansum from BSS ranking first in Europe, and the BSS team is only 100 questions away from Corona School Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, which won this year's CENTURE+COBIS Maths All Stars Cup in the Small Primary category.

In Europe, students from the British school in Bulgaria take first place in the Small Primary category of the CENTURY+COBIS Maths All Stars Cup due to their brilliant performance as a team. We wish them even greater success in the upcoming global challenges!

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