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Great Achievements for the BSS Debaters!

07 Mar 2023

It is a great pleasure to account for the achievement of our students in the last debating competitions they took part of – the Spring West Tournament held by the BEST Foundation and the Regional Round of World Scholar's Cup.

During the Spring West Tournament both of our debate teams qualified for the National Round with the novices – Madlen (9B), Mara (9A) and Amelie getting the silver medals. Mara (9A) and Konstantina (9A) won gold and bronze medals in the Individual Orals Novices Ligue. Polyxenie (9B) and Marnus (11) won gold and bronze medals as best debaters in Varsity Ligue.

At the Sofia Regional Round of World Scholar's Cup all five teams of the BSS delegation qualified for the Global Round. We have the fourth place overall in the senior division ( for the team of Mara (9A), Polyxenie (9B) and Marnus (11), a lot of gold and silver medals. The greatest surprise was the team by two juniors – Giuliana (7A) and Daniel (7A), that teamed up with Anna (10) and not only competed in the senior division but also ranked 8th overall!

For all competitors this was a valuable experience. More from them you can understand here: 

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