Our Achievements

New achievements for our Taekwondo fighters

14 Dec 2022

On 14.12.2022 our Taekwondo fighters participated in belt promotion test organized by Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation - WT style and Taekwondo Club Samson.

Eighteen students from British School of Sofia were put to the test for their physical conditioning, fighting techniques and Taekwondo terminology. All of them gave their best and successfully earned they new degrees:

  • White-yellow belts: Tigran, Kristof, Zeynel, Gianmarco and Haidar
  • Yellow belts: Izabella, Polyxenie, Katya and Yordan
  • Yellow-green belts: Sankalp, Alix, Ivan, Vasil, Maxim, Arda and Rayna
  • Green belt: Noam Shaar

Congratulations to all and may you have many sport achievements in 2023 year!

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