Our Achievements

IGCSE Results 2022

31 Aug 2022
With the approach of the new School Year, we are thrilled to announce the results of the IGCSE assessment session from June 2022.

As a British school, we are particularly proud that 100% of the students who took the First Language English and the Literature in English exams received marks C and above.

As for the other Core Subjects of the IGCSE programme:

  • 92% of the students that took the Co-ordinated Science subject received marks C and above, with 8 A*;
  • 80% of the students that took the Maths exam received marks C and above, with 2 A* .

Hereby, we would like to congratulate Areti and Luisa who achieved the highest number of the highest possible grade - A*, each of them with 5 grades A* out of 7 and 8 exams passed respectively.

Congratulations to all our students who have successfully completed Year 10 with us (IGCSE 2). We wish you many further successes in the IB program.


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