Our Achievements

2 Silver Medals for Grade 8 Student Ela Korcekova!

21 Feb 2022
On 12-13.02.2022 The National Taekwondo Championship for all ages was held, organized by the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation - WT style.

BSS student Ela Korchekova (Grade 8) won two silver medals in the discipline "Technical Breaking".

Maxim Georgiev (Grade 2) and Vasil Nenov (Grade 2) took part in the Sparring discipline. It was indeed a good fighting debut in the world of Taekwondo.

Head coach Master Stoyan Panayotov won silver medal after breaking six wooden boards with hand.

Thanks to the excellent performance of everyone in the team, Taekwondo Club Samson won second place in the team standings in the discipline "Technical Breaking".


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