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Congratulations, Class of 2021! IB Results

26 Jul 2021
We are delighted to announce our IB results 2021; completed with examination sat in May.

This year we had almost double the previous year's cohort sitting exams but continued to maintain the high standard with the average points scored being 34. Our highest point scored this year was 43, despite an additional 7th subject, Krishna Omprakash, achieved almost the maximum 45. He is now pursuing scholarships for the best Medical Universities in Europe. We were delighted to have also to have 3 other students scoring 40 and above.

As well as this we had 7s in English, French, Spanish and German. This year two students gained bilingual diplomas as they completed their Language A in Chinese and Russian respectively, whilst studying all other subjects in English.

Business, ITGS, Biology, Computer Science, Physics and Maths; were all subject where students scored the maximum 7.

We had a huge success with our Extended Essay, in particular in Business and Management with 50% of those doing their Extended Essay in Business scoring an A, with all other scoring a B.

In the Arts we were extremely proud of our students and in particular Zuzanna receiving a 7 for her Visual Arts Exhibition.

Many of our graduates are already looking towards to their next step at university; including destinations such as Milan, Barcelona, Netherlands, UK, and some are still considering their many options.

More than 170,000 students across the world received their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), and Career-related Programme (CP) results from the May 2021 examination session on the 6th of July.

The IB DP is one of the most highly regarded pre-university diplomas in the world. The IB diploma unlocks a pathway to leading universities across the globe and educates your child to become a responsible global citizen, ready to lead in the world of the future.

The number of candidates for the May 2021 session is 170,660. The number of the Diploma Programme candidates for the May 2021 session was 87,307. 

The average diploma score for the May 2021 session is 33.02 points and BSS students scored a point higher than the global average. Global average diploma pass rate is 88.96% and the average diploma grade is 5.19.

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