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Road from BSS - Where are our Graduates 2020?

30 Sep 2020
Our graduates IB DP scored considerably higher than world averages in the majority of subjects, out of 170,343 number of candidates in 2020. 100% of students gained the full IB Diploma, fulfilling all requirements.

And where are they now, after graduation?

Here is where their road from BSS continues:

  • University of Manchester, UK; Information Technology Management for Business Politics and International Relations
  • Aldelphi University, USA; Pyschology and Sports Management
  • National Academy of Arts, Bulgaria; Fashion Design
  • The University of Leeds, UK; Music Production
  • Eindhoven University , Netherlands; Computer Science and Engineering
  • The Medical University Sofia; Bulgaria, Medicine

More about their road to success you can find here.

During our annual IB DP presentation in front of Grade 11 students and parents their achievements were presented and their enormous success was underlined.

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