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2020 IB Diploma Programme results

10 Jul 2020
British School of Sofia is proud to announce their May 2020 IB Diploma Programme results.

BSS students scored considerable higher than world averages in the majority of subjects.
100% of students gained the full IB Diploma, fulfilling all requirements.

In English Language and Literature students 66.7% scored 6 and above, with 2 students scoring 7, the maximum score.
In Language B, French and Spanish, 100% of students scored 7.
In Business and Management HL 60% of Students scored 6.
ITGS proudly had a student scoring the maximum 7.
In Visual Arts the BSS average was 5.5, with the world average being 4.2, over a point higher.

Our Extended Essays, a 4000 word research project, were 100% A-C grade with 57% of students scoring A, with one students Ana Marie Vasile scoring full marks for her essay on “Disruptive Innovations”.

Congratulations to all the Grade 12 students, a special mention goes to our highest scorers Ana Marie Vasile, who scored 41 and Deniz Kardzha, who scored 39. These excellent results are a reflection of the hard work and determination of both students and their teachers.

International Baccalaureate scores this year were based on coursework, teacher predicted grades and historic data. 


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