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Hippo Language Olympiad Semifinals 2020 Cancelled

08 May 2020
Due to the current pandeic situation and conduction of education online Semifinals and Finals of Hippo English Language Olympiad will not take place.

We remind you that 4 BSS students qualified for the 2nd round of HIPPO - the English Langiage Olympiad. The 8th edition of the International competition took place on 21st February 2020. 

Last year our one of our students achieved great success. You can read about it here.

Organisational Committee of the semifinal round in Bulgaria has decided they could not conduct the competition online. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • technical issues regarding Internet connection and transfer;
  • uncertainty regarding the control of the participants;
  • unexpected online failure;
  • educational injustice as some of the participants are younger and do not have the same technical skills as others.

Global Hippo Association Board has announced that the Global Hippo Association has decided to postpone the final round of the olympiad that was supposed to take place in May in Venice, Italy.


Global Hippo Association and the National Coordinator of Hippo English Language Olympiad have taken the following decision:

All semifinalists from Bulgaria, who did not have the chance to proceed further with the competition this year receive the right to do so next year. They will take part in the semifinals next year in the upper category. They will not pay for their participation. This is a wonderful news! We will be expecting the next year's competition!


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