Our Achievements
Spotlight on Excellence: Shining Stars Excel at Performer Cup
22 Apr 2024
British School of Sofia Excels at State Taekwondo Championship in Dupnitsa
18 Apr 2024
Celebrating Taekwondo Triumph: Four Medals for the British School of Sofia at the Ramus Sofia Open 2024
21 Mar 2024
The British School of Sofia: Champions of the World Scholars Cup - Sofia Regional Round
24 Jan 2024
A Year of Triumphs: BSS's Remarkable Journey in Taekwondo in 2023
01 Dec 2023
World scholars cup glory: BSS team secures gold and silver medals in London 2023
31 Jul 2023
Jana Toteva - BSS Tennis star
18 Jun 2023
Grade 12 Students Showcased Remarkable CAS Projects
31 May 2023
Mara's Triumph in BEST Foundation National Tournament: A Beacon of Oratory Excellence
10 May 2023
Brothers' brilliance shines: BSS stars lead the way in Sofia's private school football tournament
04 May 2023
Nearly 200 books read is the record for this year in the Reading eggs competition
11 Apr 2023
Great news about the latest achievements of our Taekwondo athletes!
22 Mar 2023
Students from British School of Sofia are in Top 20 in mathematics
20 Mar 2023
Great Achievements for the BSS Debaters!
07 Mar 2023
BSS won the Reading Eggs Read-a-thon!
20 Jan 2023
New achievements for our Taekwondo fighters
14 Dec 2022
Awards for BSS Students at the Fall West Speech and Debate Tournament
17 Novr 2022
IGCSE Results 2022
31 Aug 2022
The Taekwondo belt promotion test
11 Jun 2022
BSS Students with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
29 Apr 2022
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