Extracurricular Activities

Digital Drawing

To draw digitally - you need two things: a computer with special software and a drawing tool. Afterward, you have to understand what is digital drawing?

 Children will be introduced to:

  • The general basics of professional digital art software 
    according to their age;
  • The basics of sketching;
  • The relationships between lines and shapes;
  • Using simple shapes to build more complex objects;
  • The basics of digital outlining, coloring and painting;
  • The professional process of creating a digital artwork
    from sketching to printing;
  • Sketching and drawing a basic human figure or character

Throughout the course, students will develop their computing skills and 
digital literacy while enjoying the creative process of drawing, giving freedom to their imagination and implementing their fantasies into beautiful pictures and prints. They will also discover the professional requirements and specifics of the Gaming, Software and Publishing industries, which are highly recognized in the modern digitalized society. Last but not least, the course will support the informed experienced and esponsible choice for signing or not the Art and ITGS IGCSE or IB programmes in their senior years at BSS. 

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