Summer 2023 will bring to children attending BSS Summer School programmes the fun to try and experience various and interesting activities depending on the one they chose.

Nowaday STEM is a very important part of our lives and we decided to show children who are interested in it how cool it is through Young Engineers and Young Scientists Programmes.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It encourages pupils to think outside the box. At BSS, we believe that that discovery is often found where different subjects overlap and develop the skills, we believe will help create successful 21st Century citizens – flexibility, critical thinking, creativity, and communication. Science and technology continue to move rapidly and we, want to develop the skills children need to succeed in the 21st century.

The arts are creative keys that can unlock your children’s imagination and significantly transform their education. We believe that there are many advantages in exposing children to this aspect of the life. Many of these skills link very well with the 21st Century Learner. Through the Young Artists Programme children can improve their creativity and innovation, self-confidence and presentation skills, empathy and compassion, cultural awareness and appreciation.

Children will have the opportunity to try and practice different sports they might be familiar with and try some new ones. Sports are inevitable part of BSS Summer School programme and all students will take part in the sports activities. During the sports classes the children will practice sports such as swimming, fencing, taekwondo, athletics, basketball, volleyball, football etc. With this varied sports program we aim to develop not only children’s sports skills but also their social, communication and teamwork skills.

We, at BSS, have as a part of our mission to develop successful, happy and balanced individuals. We provide learning experiences, not just lessons. In order to do this, learning needs to move outside the four walls of the classroom. We are very committed to exposing our children to as many new experiences that will enhance and enrich what they do in the class. Part of this is the emphasis placed on school daily trips within Sofia.

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